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Welcome to the Office of Legislative Counsel

Under the National Constitution, the power to enact laws for Papua New Guinea vests with the National Parliament. The preparation and publication of bills and statutes are the responsibility of the OLC, under the Legislative Drafting Service Act (Chapter 80).


    The Office of Legislative Counsel (OLC) was established in PNG in 1972 through the Legislative Drafting Service Act (Chapter 80). The functions of OLC are as follows:
  1. the drafting of proposed laws for introduction into Parliament;
  2. the drafting of amendments of proposed laws that are being considered by parliament;
  3. the drafting of subordinate legislation;
  4. the drafting of other instruments that are to have or be given the force of law, or are otherwise related to legislation;
  5. the making of arrangements for the printing o the laws, including the reprinting of any laws with amendments and the periodical or other consolidation of any such laws;
  6. such other functions as are prescribed by or under any law or as are directed by the Prime Minister; and
  7. functions incidental to any of the preceding functions.

The First Legislative Counsel (FLC) is the head of the Office, and is the departmental head of the Office. The FLC is assisted by the Second Legislative Counsel and the Assistant Legislative Counsel.

This website contains information about the OCL, its roles and functions, the services it provides to the Cabinet, along with various other important information on budget and finance, human rights and environment.

Our Services
The Office of Legislative Counsel provides the following services to the people and Government of Papua New Guinea:

  1. Draft legislations of the country.
  2. Provide legal advice to the Government or the Prime Minister.
  3. Assisting law schools in teaching Legislative Drafting.

This Office is designed to provide information about Legislative Drafting or the process of law making.
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